Meth Inspector

Methamphetamine Inspections are fast becoming popular around the world. The scary stats are that Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the world, and unfortunately drug use has tripled since 2014.

For familiarity, Methamphetamine has the street name “Meth” or “Ice”

Conducting meth tests before and between tenants protects you the investment property owner, by stating you have done everything you can to provide a safe place for a family to live. Testing your property will result in a report on any presence or lack of methamphetamine substance for your protection. Imagine you test, and the report shows negative for methamphetamine, and after one tenant, the test come up positive, your insurance company knows who to go after. After two tenants… maybe not.

When samples are required (after a positive test to methamphetamine) the samples are tested by a NATA (National Association of Testing) accredited laboratory with the results being made available within five business days to determine the level of contamination. High contamination levels can lead to skin irritation, central nervous system impairment and a general unwell state. It is highly recommend that inspection and testing be conducted pre-purchase, pre-lease or end of lease inspections to ensure the property is free of methamphetamine residue.

Why not get your building inspected, pest and meth inspection completed by one professional all in one day?


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