Markus was born in Germany and immigrated to Australia when he was two years old. His early years were spent near Bunbury before moving to Willeton. He completed High School in Kalamunda and travelled extensively.

Shortly thereafter Markus started a business in construction while studying commercial Law and Construction Management at Curtin University. The business grew and eventually took on civil projects from the State government's Department of Transport. Working on these projects, Markus gained an insight into the States Strategic Planning Frameworks which led to an interest in property and the economics of development.

Eventually Markus pursued his his first property development and with the support of his father he transitioned into the family development business where he has been working full time ever since.

Markus is passionate about people and helping others to share in his success, and importantly, learn from his mistakes.

His business is a tight knit family business. Their core business values emphasise the importance of education and training of all their clients. They don't just do developments - they create developers - successful ones too!

Markus teaches the importance of development strategy and designing the right product mix when planning a development. In many ways, doing a development is no different to developing a product for a retail shop!
Markus also believes in the important social role developers play in society.

"The spaces we create as developers effect the flavour and feel of a local area."

This is an area which is incorporated into Markus's development planning, and he believes is pivotal to his success.

"Understanding the social psychology of an area is just as important as getting the budget right for a development."


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