Jewayne & Jarrod

Property Manager

Jarrad was given the book Rich Dad Poor Dad at age 16, and reading it changed his life forever! It showed Jarrad that it was possible for anyone to create a better future through real estate and business if you just had the right mindset. So after learning all he could, he started investing at age 21 and by 25 he had a number of properties that were all being poorly looked after by his property managers.

Jarrad was tired of receiving poor service and finding property managers to have an utter lack of understanding for his needs as an investor. After much research Jarrad couldn’t find any real estate agency that had an investment mindset combined with great customer service. So Jarrad saw the a gap in the market and created his own property management business targeting investors.

Jarrad's company is now one of Australia's most award winning property managers, looking after over 600 properties across the whole Perth region. They offer a unique service which guarantees clients peace of mind while improving their property returns. Being leasing specialists they prevent costly vacancies by quickly finding quality tenants and then proactively managing their client properties, and helping you create a better future.

Jewayne Loong - Meet the 2013 REIWA Property Manager of the year Jewayne Loong who is changing the face of property management forever!

A graduate from Curtin University with a double major degree in Property & Accounting, Jewayne has quickly translated theory into a depth of experience.

Jewayne is a great communicator with a genuine understanding of the landlords’ position while still remaining empathetic to the needs of tenants. Not only does Jewayne hold all the attributes of a tech savvy Gen Y, he has a keen interest in property investing, he says:

“By understanding and loving property investment it makes me so much better at my job”.

Jewayne also shares his insights in his monthly blog, solving the problems tenants and landlords have with plenty of great tips and advice.

Jewayne has taken great initiative with a long list of business improvements to improve our service delivery. Plus he has got the whole property managers team involved in cooking for the sick kids and their families at Ronald McDonald house. Jewayne is looking forward to improving your property returns!


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