Investment Property Consultant

Investment Property Consultant

Our Criteria:

Investment Property Consultants are not just real estate reps giving it a go when an investor comes along. We have the following criteria:

1. Have a great understanding of what it takes to purchase an investment property.
2. A great “no hard sell” personality, and listens to what our clients want.
3. Must be very experienced in the market of the state our client wishes to purchase in.
4. Is able to crunch the numbers for positive gearing.
5. Owns their own investment properties.
6. Must be licenced in the state our client is looking to buy in.
7. Have integrity as a core value.

That last one, that's not just some throw away line we put at the bottom to pad out the criteria. We are handing our clients to you that are trusting you with their nest egg for retirement; this can't be a bad investment. In Western Australia and we believe Queensland it's not "buyer beware" We expect that whatever state our clients wish to purchase in, you, as their Investment Property Consultant will ensure the deal is sound.

Realising that this is a tall order for some Investment Property Consultants we're prepared to not have anyone in this section without a proven track record.


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