Finance Broker

Having been born and raised in Western Australia I’m a local with a lot of local knowledge in the banking and financial service industry. Banking and finance have been my passion since 1983. Whilst I am good with numbers, leveraging many families and businesses to financial success with varying degrees of wealth, my passion later in life has been helping people achieve their goals. Not just financial goal, life goals, and in some cases, life long goals. You can’t put a price on what I feel when this comes off, knowing I was part of having this goal become reality.

Early in my finance career, I was in banking. Whilst I became the bank manager at one of the busiest branches, what was missing for me was “the passion”, the hands-on feeling of being able to make a difference for others. In 2008 I left that major lending institution to start my own brokering business; I wanted to do more for my clients, to offer solutions to their financial needs that the bank wouldn’t or won’t allow.

My knowledge of how the banking sector works has really paid off in my Mortgage Broking business. What I have gained in Mortgage Broking is the ability to problems solve, find ways that other brokers can’t, or won’t do. I pride myself on always “finding a way” which equates to a superior customer service.


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