Finance Broker

Finance Broker - Wanted

Our Criteria:

Finance Brokers are in a unique position to be able to help people all over the country from wherever their based. So we'll only need three for the entire country.
We already have one great finance broker so we're able to be fussy.

Our list isn't that long in what we're looking for, however each section is a must have:

1. Must have great experience dealing with Self Managed Super Funds.
2. Must be able to think outside the box to find ways of financing and offer clients options they may not have thought of in the past. This will require you to be able to work efficiently, and have a great upfront knowledge of these things.
3. Must have great face to face communication with a relationship focus. The client will likely be back when they need more properties through their superannuation.
4. A proven ability to negotiate tough deals with an up to date knowledge of the banks that lend money to Self Managed Super Funds.
5. Financial or banking background. (Not someone that has done a weekend course in being a finance broker.)
6. No up front charges to the client. (We understand the Barefoot Investor says to find a broker that charges a once off upfront fee and pays back the trailing fees each year. We don't want this for our clients. We know that the bank pays the Finance Brokers these fees so that Finance Brokers continue to give great customer service to their / our clients . If the banks want to pay you for that, great; we just want to ensure the Finance Broker look after our clients like they are their only clients.)
7. MUST BE currently practicing and certified.

If you believe you fit the criteria listed above, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email and we'll organise a time to meet up on Zoom.

Finance Broker