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Ever thought about owning investment properties?

Collecting rent, watching your very own property portfolio rise in value each year. Thought you would never have enough for an investment property deposit? We may have the answer that you didn't expect.

We've got a plan:

Our 3 step "Superannuation to Property Ninja" Plan.


Step 1:

Book a free discovery call.

  - Discuss with us your concerns and dreams for the future.

  - Your concerns about our program, and even your ability to follow it

  - Our money back guarantee

  - Our promise to see this through to the end with you

Step 2:

Choosing a plan that best suits your specific requirements.

Choose from:
  a. DIY Video program
  b. Group Coaching
  c. Private Coaching

  d. Full Service

Step 3:

Start the journey with a proven plan for purchasing property using your superannuation, and banish those concerns for your future. Your future is now in good hands. Your future now has a plan.

Get your very own investment property  with NO out of pockets expenses.
It can be done.

"Most people think they will never have enough money saved up to buy an investment property.

Since 2017 we've shown people how we legally accessed our superannuation and bought an investment property with no out of pocket expenses. This gives everyone a chance at starting a property portfolio previously thought of as 'impossible'  - Why? Because you deserve friends that brag about you.

"Schedule your free consultation to find out more - If you want an investment property portfolio, we'll show you what we did to get ours."

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From superannuation to super property we'll show you  what we did, or your money back.

What We Believe

“We believe a better future is possible by empowering everyday Australians that want to leverage their current superannuation position using property,

We just happen to know how to do that.

Wanna join us?

Education & Experience:

We educate, and pass on our experience - It's the fastest and most sustainable way to learn. 

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Seminars, Coaching & Full Service options now available.

You're the hero of your life's    story. How your life  turns out will ultimately be up to you.
Every hero needs a guide.  
We've done  this before. 

"Guide you through the
process  we will."


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We are not Financial Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Finance / Mortgage Brokers, Depreciation Schedulers, Settlement Agents, Property Investor Advisors, Real Estate Property Managers, or Professional Builders. We do however, have access to them all, and can point you in the right direction to all of our trusted team, so they can become your trusted team if you so choose. Who we are, are ordinary people that turned their work place superannuation into a Self-Managed Super Fund and purchased a super property.
You will need to take this information into consideration when we tell you our story. We will only say “This is what we did” we don’t give “advice” and we won't give you our “opinion” or try to influence you in anyway on what you or your friends and or relatives could do. Please seek advice from the trusted professionals with the relevant authority and qualifications that we can refer you too, if you decide to proceed.

Our Social Media 

We don't send out advertising emails that clog up your inbox, or mail outs to clog up your letter box. We occasionally put things up on social media to keep you informed. This way you "opt in" or out at will, without clogging anything up.

Follow us to stay in touch with us on your chosen social media platform.


"Helping our clients to make confident, educated, informed decisions about setting up and managing a SMSF that may or may not contain property.

It's your choice, however get yourself educated first.

We can show you who to go to about good quality, appropriate, accurate, advice and information."

"Entrepreneurial: The entrepreneur is one of the more misunderstood business owners in the market place. ... an entrepreneur is a person who can arbitrage a supply and demand before the demand is fully realised or recognised by the market. The result is a service or product that feels very new, yet also seems so obvious for the times"

Mark Bouris