Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker - Wanted

Our Criteria:

We have three types of Insurance Broker that we're chasing.

1. Landlord / Building Insurances
2. Personal Insurances
3. Title Insurance

We require insurance brokers we recommend to be able to provide recommendations or a Statement of Advice (SOA) prior to placing insurance.

In regards to Landlord and Building Insurance the insurance brokers would look to reduce our clients premiums bi-yearly in the insurances sought.

For Personal Insurance, put a risk management plan together.

We would also expect any insurance broker we recommend to go the extra mile providing owners a comprehensive insurance policy in any area of risk.
From past experience we want our clients dealing with one person, and that person knows our clients needs.
We also expect that when the time comes to make a claim the insurance broker can do your claims for the client.
And of course we expect the insurance broker to be a good 'people person' - highly personable.

If you believe you fit one or more of the three types of Insurance brokers listed above, coupled with the criteria listed, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email and we'll organise a time to meet up on Zoom.

Insurance Broker