Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor - Wanted

Our Criteria:

We don't refer our clients to just any financial advisor. We've spoken to many financial advisors that just want to get a hold of everything the couple owns for a yearly commission. We're looking for financial advisors that are looking to put in the hard work to retain the client.
A financial advisor with integrity, that listens to what our client wants to achieve, with a focus on our clients reaching their goals.

An understanding that our clients have already decided they want to move forward with property as their vehicle for growth, with a strong preference for a financial advisor we recommend to have their own Self Managed Super Fund with property.

It would go without saying that we expect the financial advisors we recommend to our clients that they have great personal, face to face service, that's 'relationship focussed.'
And according to the law for financial advisors they must have a relevant degree (after 2024).

If you believe you fit this criteria, we'd love to hear from you. We had a great Financial Advisor pre-covid so we know the shoes you would need to fill. (unfortunately she is now working for a national accountancy firm... we miss her)

Financial Advisor