Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent - Wanted

Our Criteria:

For the purposes of our clients that may be reading this criteria, a 'buyers agent' is exactly as it sounds. This profession buys property on your behalf. You give them the criteria you require and they find it. This includes the ROI (Return On Investment), lock and leave, house / unit, max price, what area... the works, and your superfund pays for this service, rather than the person doing the work getting paid by the seller, such as a Real Estate Rep or an Investment Property Consultant. A Buyers Agent work for YOU. (Or rather your SMSF)

Here's what we're looking for in a Buyers Agent:

1. Have a great understanding of what it takes to purchase a property through a SMSF.
2. A great “no hard sell” personality, and listens to what our client wants.
3. Must be very experienced in the state the client wishes to purchase their investment property in.
3. Is able to crunch the numbers for positive gearing.
4. Owns their own investment properties.
5. Must be licenced in the state the clients wishes to buy their investment property
6. Have integrity as a core value.

Knowing you 'work for our client' is the main point we're looking for here. If you believe you're experienced in this field and in your state, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email so we can organise a chat over Zoom, or a face to face.

Buyers Agent